Here is the shirt that I designed and attended with it on my person at a Prince concert that I attended in Worchester MA during his Purple Rain Tour. I remember wearing my purple nails and make up as well. What a fun time I had! "84"

 In loving memory, and honor I share this artwork of my favorite artist, my beloved Prince. I drew this when I was in my twenties when I fell in love with the song "When Doves Cry" Today I feel like the dove, and "This is What it Sounds Like When HIS Doves Cry."y.
One more piece of artwork from Prince's Purple moment right after I saw the movie "Purple Rain." When I illustrated this, it was while in deep prayer while listening to his song Purple Rain. The song somehow connects me with how God see's us through our purple rain of life. In the illustration, the hand my mine represent me finding my way through the purple rain. Very emotional and inspirational piece that I intend to utilize for greeting cards, but felt this should be shared with everyone who loved him. I hope everyone enjoys it as much enjoyment that it brought me to draw it, as well as healing. Thank you, Prince, we love you and will never forget you. "84"
Well, folks here is another one that I am pulling out of the archives of my Prince Illustrations from back then. I always loved how physical he was with his entire body, but I am a fan of drawing hands and feet for some strange reason. (Good thing I never saw his feet. lol) I wonder how many remember when he sang "Baby I'm a Star" that he did this hand movement? Well, I did, and being a hand person I captured it the best I could at the time. He was just so fresh and unique with everything he did. ‪#‎Prince‬, ‪#‎BabyImaStarsong‬, ‪#‎PurpleRain‬, ‪#‎PrinceHandIllustration‬ "84"
I do not know why, but I was urged to create this to express visually how our hearts are crying Purple Rain. It is STILL a very, sad moment for Prince's doves, and this is what it looks like "When his Doves Cry." 4/24/16
This was another design that I created for a short sleeve shirt to attend Prince’s concert. What a great night that was. I will never forget. #Prince, #PurpleRainConcert, #PurpleRain, #TshirtDesign, #ThankYouPrince, #RIP​ "84"
One of my most recent pieces of my work from when I was in school. At the time 8/15, I had to create a digital concert poster of an artist of my choice. Of course, I chose Prince. Also, I utilized my first Prince illustration for it when I fell in love with the song "When Doves Cry." .‪#‎Prince‬, ‪#‎MusicLegend‬, ‪#‎PurpleRain‬, ‪#‎PurpleRainConcert‬, ‪#‎WhenDovesCry‬
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